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Social Studies Fair (37th Annual) Region I

School Name Student Name Title of Project
Individual - Div I, Anthropology
Logansport School Woods, Katie CHRISTmas Legends  1st
Claiborne Magnet Guillory, Victory Cherokee of the Past 2nd
St. John Berchman's Catholic School Cryblsky, Jack Meet the Olympians: The 12 Gods of Mt. Olympus 3rd
Individual - Divi I - Economics
Eden Gardens Magnet  Rambis, Nicolas  The Economic Development of LEGO 1st
South Highlands Elementary Ballard, Cole Are Walmart's Prices Always the Lowest? 2nd
Summerfield Elementary Luorha, Zoe From Cow to Cup 3rd
Individual - Div. I -Georgraphy
South Highlands Elementary Haskew, Luke How the Louisiana Purchase Changed America's Geography 1st
Apollo Elementary Meister, Christine  Mercator's Map- Making the Earth Flat  2nd
Fairfield Elementary Pearson, Ryan How Is Giant Salvinia Affecting our Area Lakes and Rivers?  3rd
Individual - Div. I - History
WT Lewis Elementary Weaver, Hayden Pioneer of Animation 1st
St. John Berchman's Catholic School Bailes, Aubrey What Made George Jones the King of Country Music? 2nd
Legacy Elementary Dodson, Riley Hershey Chocolate 3rd
Individual - Div. I - LA History
Southfield School Weinland, Lauralee Houmas House  1st
University Elementary Akana, Cadan Caddo Indians  2nd
First Baptist Church School Walker, Jack Garrett The Haunted History of Shreveport 3rd
Individual - Div. I Political Science
Eden Gardens Magnet Cockrell, Hannah The Civil War in Syria  1st
E.S. Richardson Elementary Crabtree, Miranda Path of a Citizen  2nd
Individual - Sociology
South Highlands Elementary Wellman, Mary Catherine W.O.W. Women's Roles in WW II  1st
Eden Gardens Magnet Bonts, Nathaniel Making Music with a Hammer 2nd
WT Lewis Elementary Smith, Ellie Techniques of Forensic Science  3rd
Group - Div. I Economics
Logansport School Deason, Gage/Wheless, Caleb Faith, Family, Ducks  1st
Group - Div. I Georgraphy
WT Lewis Elementary Evans, Hannah/Magoun, Anna Claire The Black Death 1st
Logansport School Walker, Dawson/Widmer, Jacob  Leonardo the Great 2nd
University Elementary Martinson, Kirk/Martinson, Ben Fort Morgan 3rd
Group - Div. I, LA History
Apollo Elementary Fry, Clayton/Beene, James History of LSU Football 1st
Logansport School Prudhome, Cansas/Honaker, Haiden Bang Bang! 2nd
Individual - Div. II Antropology
Apollo Elementary Forbes, Bridget/Smith, Macy/Wilson, Chelsea Spring and Winter in Finland
Caddo Middle Magnet  Johnson, Ceara Greek vs Roman Statues and Sculpture  1st
Springville Education Center Almond, Mystery Percy Jackson, Mt. Olympus 2nd
Caddo Middle Magnet  Lawrence, Robert Ancient Agriculture of China and India  3rd
Individual - Div. II Economics
First Baptist Church School Barrett, Grace Thaxton Free Enterprise System 1st
Caddo Middle Magnet Hillburn, Geogia Economy and War  2nd
Southfield School Lyon, Chance  Economics of Baseball: Does Budget Relate to Success? 3rd
Individual - Div. II Georgraphy
Youree Drive Middle School Bynog, Kaylee Moai 1st
Donnie Bickham Middle School Johnson, Thomas Cody Frozen Seeds Feed the Future: Svalbarb Global Seed Vault 2nd
Individual Div. II History
St. John Berchman's Catholic School Michaud, Riley The Mighty Eighth 1st
Benton Middle School Winkler, William (Trey) The Evolution of Duck Decoys  2nd
Southfield School Covington, Michael What Was the Khe Sanh Operation?  3rd
Individual Div. II LA History
Youree Drive Middle School Vienne, Makensie "Throw Me a Memory, Mister": The History of the Krewe of Gemini 1st
Caddo Middle Magnet Derbonne, Laura St. Joseph and Felicite: Two Family Jewels  2nd
Donnie Bickham Middle School Harville, Jack Bailey's Dam  3rd
Individual Div. II Polical Science 
Youree Drive Middle School Gibson, Imaki "The Legislative Branch"  1st
St. Mark's Cathedral School Walker, Olivia Jack the Ripper 2nd
St. Mark's Cathedral School Gerald, Kelly Police Force Goes to the Dogs 3rd
Individual Div. II Sociology
First Baptist Church School Hargon, Geron How Steroids Are Affecting Sports and the Human Body 1st
Benton Middle School Farris, Jordan Black Bart PO-8 2nd
Southfield School Zabaneh, Iza David Can a Newspaper Boy Change the World?  3rd
Group - Div. II Antropology
Southfield School Smith, Gia /Lunn, Emma French vs. Spanish Culture  1st
Group - Div. II Economics
Logansport School Wheless, Tanna/ Gurley, Ashlee One Love, Woof Woof! 1st
Webster Jr High Wilkes, Hunter/Moorman, Bobby Gulf Coast Gold  2nd
Group - Div. II Georgraphy
North Webster Jr High Lewis, Emily/Marshall, MaKayla Perfect Paradise  1st
Group Div. II History
Glenbrook School Killingworth, Jemma/ Sentell, Samantha The Unsinkable Molly Brown 1st
Benton Middle School Kruise, Laura/Cox, Emily Hiding from Hitler  2nd
Southfield School Salley, Reeves/Hobley, Kameron  Mission to Mars  3rd
Group Div. 11 LA History
Southfield School Chen, Lauren/Holmes, Emorie The History of Vodoo in Louisiana  1st
Glenbrook School Tyler, Seth David/Ramie, Josh The Battle of Mansfield  2nd
North Webster Jr High Stevens, Katelyn/Watson, Sara Bonnie & Clyde 3rd
Group, Div. II, Sociology
Southfield School Badt, Taylor/Dill, Hunter Population Growth 2000-2010 in 5 Major US Cities 1st
Youree Drive Middle School Pierce, Kristen/Martin, Katelyn Why Do Kids Act Bad with Substitutes?  2nd
Springville Education Center Green, Desare/Banks, LaPorsha Is TLC a Good Role Model for Young Women? 3rd
Individual - Div. III Anthropology
Northwood High School Collinsworth, Tiffany Do the Stars Define You? 1st
Individual - Div. III Economics
Northwood High School Curtis, Katherine  Comics as Commodities 1st
Individual - Div. III Geography
Glenbrook School Willis, Chatherine Cambridge University, England 1st
Northwood High School Richey, Taylor Things That Go Bump In America 2nd
Individual - Div. III History
Captain Shreve High School Jinks, Jackson Women, Children, and Captains First! 1st
Northwood High School Burkhardt, Hunter Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy 2nd
CE Byrd Gillespie, Mary Catherine The Role of Women in the French Revolution 3rd
Individual, Div. III LA History
Northwood High School Oliver, Dylan Louisiana Sugar 1st
Captain Shreve High School Spano, Alexis Native American Pastimes  2nd
Glenbrook School Franklin, Brant Some Like It Hot  3rd
Individual, Div. III Political Science
Northwood High School Reich Jr., Jonathan David Semper Fidelis  1st
Captain Shreve High School Rauth, Angelica Watergate 2nd
Div. III Sociology
Northwood High School Tullis, Ashlyn The People's Temple- The Bigger Picture  1st
CE Byrd Cobb, Alexander How Did Tenement Slums Create the Need for a Welfare State  2nd
Captain Shreve High School Chandler, Ashley Evolution of the Bathing Suit  3rd
Group - Div. I Economics
Captain Shreve High School Glass, Paityn/Fertitta, Ameila Student Loans, Is It Worth It?  1st
CE Byrd Perkins, Nathan/Robbins, Nash British Imperial Taxes That Led to US Revolution 2nd
Group, Div. III, History
CE Byrd Booker, Mary Alice/ Byram, Hollis "Posting a Revolution" 1st
CE Byrd Taylor Poleman/Sarah-Katherine Semon Monument Men 2nd
CE Byrd Megan Bond/Leslie Sawyer Holocaust  3rd
Group, Div. III, Sociology
CE Byrd Mitchell Dorris What Changed the Religion That Changed the World 1st
Captain Shreve High School Stephanie Durr/Mary Catherine Fertitta This Is the Life  2nd
Dates:March 8, 2012    Check for other dates
Meets:Th from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Location:University Center All
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