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Insurance Pre-Licensing Courses: Life & Health Insurance / Property & Casualty Insurance

Each course offers the forty (40) hours of either Property & Casualty or Life & Health class instruction suitable to prepare an individual to take the state insurance exams. The class material is designed to prepare the student for the exam and to provide a good education for a career in insurance. Topics include basic terminology, concepts, sales, the fundamentals of insurance law, and agent's responsibility. The course cost including the textbook is $230 per person.

Insurance Continuing Education Courses: Property & Casualty Insurance

These programs will provide four (4), eight (8), twelve (12) and sixteen (16) hours of credit in Insurance Continuing Education. Instructors will cover various topics providing an in-depth review of insurance coverage and exposures.

Personal Financial Planning

This seminar assists in identifying and prioritizing personal financial goals and objectives. Using the strategies as well as techniques employed in the seminar, individuals will be able to effectively and responsibly manage and invest their money leading to their financial freedom and success. The seminar equips both beginners and advanced investors with the knowledge to invest successfully. Topics covered include the Budget, Stock Research, Building a Portfolio, and Retirement Planning.

Planning Your Estate

The Institute of Tax and Estate Planning is sponsoring the twelve-hour (six two-hour sessions) course. Estate Planning is a critical element of a total financial plan. An overview of Louisiana law regarding estates, wills, and trust will be presented. Options will be presented on strategies you can use in writing your will, the use of trusts, protecting assets for your heirs, and minimizing death taxes. Also considered, will be basic asset protection strategies to protect your assets from potential creditors and nursing home costs. Other topics of interest will be covered as time permits.

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